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Junior Replicas developed and  produces the "perfect" replica of the classic VT 1956, a very prestigious model and the very first American real SportsCar.

The body and chrome are very detailed and fully reproduce the look of the original vehicle. Indeed, the Jr Classic 1956 is the most detailed and faithful-to-the-original  motorized scale replica of a classic vehicle, in production anywhere in the world. The driving performance mimics the 50's sporting behaviour, being very funny to drive. The ergonomics were especially developed, with adjustable pedal assembly, allowing both children over 7 years old and adults up to 6 ft tall to drive the mini-vehicle in comfort and safety.

The fully functional model (on a 2/3 scale, i.e. over 9 ft long) is finished by hand and is produced on a limited series only. Symbol of exclusivity and good taste, the Jr Classic 1956 is an authentic masterpiece.

Available in all the original factory colors.



"Corvette" is a registered trademark of the GM Group.

Replica e Original Side by Side

Replica e Original Side by Side Replica e Original Side by Side
Side by side with the Original