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This model was inspired by the mythical Humvee , was born in 1980 when the US Army made a study about their light-weight tactical vehicles and concluded that -rather than replacing its old jeeps M151-1/4 ton- by other similar vehicles-, what it really needed was to produce a completely new vehicle with a greater capacity (1 ¼ ton) , a greater mobility and versatility.
A.M General was then the winner, among other competitors of the Army,
for the production of this new vehicle of series M998, named Humvee, abbreviated HMMWV, which means “High Mobility, Multi purpose, Wheeled Vehicle”.
The vehicle of high technology and witha platform enabling more that 15 body versions, projected by AM General, had immediate success.
Its production achieves nearly 175.000 units for the US Army and for the Army of more 50 friend nations, and it participated with great success in several fronts all over the world in these last 26 years.

Humvee is a trademark of the AM General LLC.

HJr Tunning- Special Model

Technical specifications

Model: HJR,
Body: Glass reinforced polyester(GRP)
Chassis: Precision MIG welded all steel chassis
Lenght: 2220 mm
Widht: 1210 mm
Wheelbase: 1590 mm
Weight: 220 kg
Engine: Motorcycle type, OHC, syngle cylinder, 4 srtoke, air cooled
Displacement: 107cc
Fuel: petrol
Power: 6,9 hp at 7500rpm
Starter: electric, battery 12v 7.2ah
Transmission: crow, pinion and chain
Traction: rear axle
Gears: 3, forward, neutral and 1 reverse
Clutch: semi-automatic, centrifugal
Steering: Rack and pinion
Front suspension: Independent, helicoidal springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Rear suspension: Helicoidal springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Brake: 200 mm disc brake installed on rear axle
Tires: 22X8X10” with inner- tube
Air pressure: 15 lbs


JUNIOR MB - 1942 | JUNIOR M38 - 1951 | JUNIOR CJ2 - 1948 | JUNIOR 88 SERIES IIA - 1961 | HJr - 1980 | JRVETTE - 1956