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JUNIOR M38 - 1951

Junior Replicas also produces a reproduction of this model using a 2/3 scale.

The Willys M38 appeared in 1948, when the U.S. Army urgently needed a 4x4 vehicle of 1/4 ton., but did not wont to commit the resources necessary to developed a new model.

The solution was to take an existing civilian model, produced by Willys Overland, the CJ3A and to militarise it with all the necessary add-ons. This model was then incorporated into the Army, under the designation M38, and had a brilliant performance during the Korea war in 1950.



Jeep and Willys are registered trademark of Daimler-Chrysler Corporation



M38 and MB models, both exact replicas of the original
models, are supplied on the
U.S. Army official WW II colours:“Olive Drab” and
“Desert Sand”.

Technical specifications

Model: 1951 JUNIOR M38 - 2/3 scaled
Body: glass reinforced polyester (GRP)
Lenght: 2280 mm
Width: 950 mm
Wheelbase: 1440 mm
Weigth: 120 kg
Engine: Motorcycle type, OHC, syngle cylinder, 4 srtoke, air cooled
Displacement: 107cc
Fuel: petrol
Power: 6,9 hp at 7500rpm
Starter: electric, battery 12v 7.2ah
Transmission: crow, pinion and chain
Traction: rear axle
Gears: 3, forward, neutral and 1 reverse
Clutch: semi-automatic, centrifugal
Front suspension: Independent, helicoidal springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Rear suspension: Helicoidal springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Brake: mechanical, disc on rear axle
Tires: exclusive, military-design with inner-tube
Size: 500 X 8” - air pressure: 15 lbs


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