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The Land Rover 88 Serie IIA, perhaps the most charismatic 4X4 vehicle ever built,was born with an aluminum body, inspired in the Americans MB and GPW of the WW II, and has initially a strong agriculture vocation.

However its initial series became a world classic in few years. Its image was always linked to the extreme adventure, to safaris and expeditions to the most distant and inaccessible places, specially and for many years, to the mythical Camel Trophy, still today considered the symbol par excellence of the adventure and challenge on 4 wheels.

The always developing mark belongs today to the Ford Motor Company and its vehicles continues being manufactured in several modern versions.

“Land Rover” is a trademark of the Ford Motor Company


The Land Rover 88 Serie IIA detailed replica, in original colours, is available in the Sandard model ( with reserve tire and operational canvas top) and Expedition, this last one bringing typical accessories of the off road expeditions .


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Technical specifications

Model: Land Rover 88 Série IIA - 1961
Body: glass reinforced polyester (GRP)
Lenght: 2280 mm
Width: 950 mm
Wheelbase: 1440 mm
Weigth: 120 kg
Engine: Motorcycle type, OHC, syngle cylinder, 4 srtoke, air cooled
Displacement: 107cc
Fuel: petrol
Power: 6,9 hp at 7500rpm
Starter: electric, battery 12v 7.2ah
Transmission: crow, pinion and chain
Traction: rear axle
Gears: 3, forward, neutral and 1 reverse
Clutch: semi-automatic, centrifugal
Front suspension: Independent, helicoidal springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Rear suspension: Helicoidal springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Brake: mechanical, disc on rear axle
Tires: exclusive, military-design with inner-tube
Size: 500 X 8” - air pressure: 15 lbs



JUNIOR MB - 1942 | JUNIOR M38 - 1951 | JUNIOR CJ2 - 1948 | JUNIOR 88 SERIES IIA - 1961 | HJr - 1980 | JRVETTE - 1956